Roufusport MMA Academy may be recognized for its many accomplishments in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, but the key to our success lies in the lifestyle we promote and live, which is firmly rooted in martial arts and the positive mentality it produces.

A lifestyle is defined as the way a person or group lives that reflects their attitudes or beliefs. Discipline, Respect, Family and Fun are the main principals at the core of the Roufusport lifestyle. These four main pillars have enabled our coaches and fighters to find immense success in the competitive arena, and this mentality helps all Roufusport students become successful in any and every aspect of their lives, as well.

At Roufusport, we encourage a feeling of family and community amongst our members, fighters, coaches and staff. Every person at our academy is connected by a common thread, which is their interest in fitness and the martial arts.

This commonality is what brings us together, but it’s the lifestyle and the mentality that makes us a family. Every person that comes through the doors at Roufusport MMA Academy comes from a different background, yet those differences are never an issue because we all lead the same lifestyle.

Discipline is necessary to reach goals you set for yourself. Without discipline you cannot follow the path required to reach those goals. Whether it’s eating a healthy diet, reaching your personal fitness goals, achieving professional goals, or just creating the life you dream of living, discipline is the necessary trait you must have to follow through without getting lost along the way.

Respect is something which is deeply ingrained in the world of martial arts, but it also translates very well into the lives of the people who practice any of these arts. We are taught to respect our coaches, respect our teammates or peers, but most of all we are taught to respect ourselves. We exercise, eat healthy, and live a clean lifestyle, which is respecting our bodies.

The Family, is the glue that holds everything together. When we talk about family, it’s not just blood relation, but it encompasses all of our students, employees, coaches, and fighters. What separates Roufusport MMA Academy from many other gyms is the emphasis on family.

We all work together towards a common goal of being the best we can be in any endeavor. A person needs the support and accountability offered by others to achieve one’s goals. Anything you may need help with, someone will always be there for you and that is what the Roufusport lifestyle is about. Training at the academy, watching our teammates compete together, watching each other’s families grow – all of these experiences build a special sort of camaraderie that is priceless.

Lastly, one of the key pillars in this lifestyle is the element of having fun. Despite the more serious elements of this lifestyle such as, respect, family, and discipline having fun is essential to make this equation work.

No matter what our goals are, everyone at Roufusport MMA Academy is here because they want to enjoy themselves and have fun. We are all a bunch of big kids that love to play and compete, which is the main reason why we have all come together. We all love martial arts and fitness, and everyone who is a part of this world or lifestyle understands that we do this to have fun and become better people.

If you don’t know or understand why we live this way and do what we do, you can always stop in, say “Hi,” and try a class. The most beautiful thing about this lifestyle is that everyone is welcome, no matter what your story is. This is no secret club and it is never too late to get started.

Who knows…maybe Roufusport will change your life for the better, like it has for so many of us