As soon as I walked in I was hooked. I was greeted with so many friendly faces. Everyone was really nice and welcoming and so forthcoming with information! I'm used to being one of the only girls training. I never felt like I was out of place here. There are really great training partners here. People are really down to earth! My fitness has improved... definitely better cardio, stronger kicks and punches! If you're thinking about a place to train - you should just call them up or come in and you're going to be greeted with open arms, smiling faces and really friendly down to earth people! I couldn't recommend a better group of people to come train with - and the pricing is really reasonable! It's great! I had to bring my family in too! My husband and son are also training here!

Tammy M. – Hartland, WI

Ever since we've (son Landin and I) joined here, everything has gotten better... grades, behavior, discipline, eating, freidns, people that we hang out with. It's not just a gym, it has turned our life... our lifestyle! I've lost 32 pounds in 14 months and I'm hopefully going to lose more!

Kim A. – Milwaukee, WI

I spend all day behind a desk, behind a computer. It is grueling; it's a lot of stress. Coming here is my stress relief! Not only does it give me more confidence in myself, it keeps me in great shape! It's a family at the academy! Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without Roufusport.

Jack J. – Milwaukee, WI

This place and the coaches are top notch. Everybody here feels like my family! My physical appearance is a by-product of my lifestyle that's changed in order to train harder. I never thought I'd even like Jiu-Jitsu... but it's my favorite thing to do here! You never know until you try and I highly suggest it!

Quinn L. – Milwaukee, WI

I've met so many new friends! This place has really given me a ton of discipline and reminds me to always pay attention to detail. I'm here everyday and I'm sure you will be too if you join up now!

Zak F. – Milwaukee, WI

It has been the most amazing experience that I've ever had! I cannot recommend Roufusport more highly! Before I was having trouble losing weight. I lost weight. I got fit! What's more is a I started taking these classes with my daughter.

Tom T. – Milwaukee & Hartland

The Roufusport lifestyle has changed me a lot... It gave me confidence. The lifestyle itself has made me goal conscious everyday. The coaches, staff and members have made me realize I could reach my potential!

Ariel S. – Milwaukee, WI


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