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You can now become part of the fastest growing, most complete kickboxing affiliation in the world, the Roufusport Kickboxing Association!

The benefits of becoming a Roufusport Affiliate are many:

• Improve Your Skills

• Proven Curriculum and Class Plans

• Access to 350+ hours of online instructional video content

• Learn how to teach better classes

• Increase Student Retention

• Accelerate Monthly Revenue

• Rank and Non-Rank Systems Available

• Unlimited, ongoing training for you, your staff and students at Roufusport HQ in Milwaukee

• Wholesale pricing on custom branded apparel and equipment

Take your Martial Arts Academy’s Striking Program to an elite level, and well beyond by becoming an official affiliate member of the Roufusport Kickboxing Association (RKA).

World Champion Kickboxer, Legendary Coach and Co-owner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s famous Roufusport MMA Academy, Master Duke Roufus, welcomes you to join him in teaching the proven “Roufusport Kickboxing” method in your school(s).


Increasing student retention by increasing student proficiency, means one thing: A huge increase to your school’s bottom line.

Getting certified as a RKA school and instructor means two big things:

First, your students will be getting taught the exact proper techniques, drills and overall curriculum Duke teaches his students and fighters on a daily basis at Roufusport Headquarters in Milwaukee. Secondly, and most importantly, your affiliation means you’re part of a very special family of like-minded individuals committed to being the absolute best at their craft.

With over 40 years in the sport, Duke knows what works and what doesn’t. He is saving you precious time and money. You now benefit by using a kickboxing system developed by one of the game’s true icons.

learn the martial arts business from Duke Roufus

In addition to Duke’s specialized, proven, and easy-to-follow online instructor training videos, your membership in RKA gives you access to a full line of official training equipment, apparel, belt level certificates, certification training and testing, special seminars and much, much more, all at special wholesale prices that will definitely impact your bottom line to the maximum.

In today’s society, actions speak louder than words, and Duke Roufus is known and celebrated worldwide for producing some of the most innovative, exciting and successful strikers to step inside a ring or cage.

This is your chance to learn from a true master of the sport, who’ll not only become your business mentor and set your striking program on a path to excellence, but Duke will also become your life coach, and someone you can call a friend well beyond your affiliation with the Roufusport Kickboxing Association.

Become an Official Roufusport Affiliate Now

Roufusport Kickboxing Association was founded by Master Duke Roufus to provide a comprehensive support network to help kickboxing instructors and school owners grow their schools and provide quality martial arts instruction for men, women and children.

duke roufus owners

Our team works hard on developing and implementing the Roufusport method of kickboxing instruction. Our cutting-edge and proven curriculum, unique training philosophy, and well-structured classes make it easy for RKA instructors to create a positive and friendly environment for teaching kickboxing to everyone!

Are you passionate about kickboxing and would like to dedicate your life to keeping the Roufusport legacy alive? Do you see yourself playing an important role in your community by establishing a Roufusport school? Do you need to earn more money at your school?

If “YES” this is for you….

To join, please start by filling out an Official RKA Application

  • Heritage

What champions has Duke Roufus trained?If there’s one person in the United States that’s synonymous with world class Kickboxing Coaching, Instruction and Promotion, it’s Duke Roufus.

Since the age of 4, Duke has been honing his skill at becoming the best Martial Artist he could be, winning many titles along the way, including 4 World Kickboxing Championships. Duke even sports a 2-0 professional Boxing record on his already impressive combat sports resume.

Coming from a family of legendary martial artists, Duke Roufus has repeatedly brought honor, fame and respect to a combat sports lineage that dates back to the early 1970’s. Always evolving, Duke has become one of the world’s most respected and sought after striking coaches in the game today.

The Roufusport Kickboxing Association allows you to bring Duke’s global knowledge, highly sought after curriculum, and proven training style to your school’s mat almost immediately.

Tap directly into the mind of Master Duke Roufus by becoming a Roufusport Kickboxing Association affiliate today.

  • Philosophy

kickboxing techniques used by Duke RoufusRoufusport Kickboxing Association’s philosophy is simple and straightforward:

Duke Roufus wants you and your academy instructors to have the tools, instruction and ability to offer the world’s absolute best Kickboxing curriculum to your current and future students.

  • Method

RKA class curriculum is based on keeping all students safe while progressing upward through the level based system.

As students learn and become more proficient both offensively, and most importantly, defensively, only then will they begin to learn how to spar. We refer to this as “step sparing” and it’s a great way to introduce your students to live sparring.

While competition may be an option some of your students might pursue, the majority will be extremely content enjoying the many health related benefits the classes deliver, while at the same time, earning recognition and rank for personal achievement.

Become an Official Roufusport Affiliate Now

best kickboxing techniquesOFFICIAL RKA AFFILIATE OWNER

Roufusport Kickboxing Association is an outstanding organization focused on providing the highest level of Kickboxing instruction as a tool for individual growth, as well as strengthening of families and communities for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

While this definition may seem obvious for those familiar with the organization, RKA’s unique philosophy and vision inspires its instructors, administrative staff and other members, to embrace the ambitious challenge of bringing Roufusport Kickboxing to as many people as possible or, using Master Duke Roufus’ words, to “instill the excellence” Roufusport is known for in each and every instructor and student.

From the moment you decided to become an official Roufusport Kickboxing Association affiliate owner, the challenge of excellence will be your driving force. Like the many people who came before you, your life will be partially or fully dedicated towards the accomplishment of that vision.

Therefore, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the origins of RKA and how its philosophy, vision, methods and tools were forged.

RKA Rank Banners

Roufusport Kickboxing Association Black Belt Certification

The Roufusport Kickboxing method is based on learning how to properly use one’s fists (punching), shins (kicking), knees and elbows offensively and effectively, while at the same time maintaining a defensive mindset that minimizes damage to one’s own self.

During practice, the student is constantly making use of these principles to accomplish a desired goal, be it a properly placed punch to the midsection, a high, middle or low kick off a punch combo, a slicing elbow while in the clinch, or perfect placement of well timed knee, students simulate offense while always perfecting defense.

A person’s progress in the RKA system is a consequence of mastering these principles. It is natural for the student to draw parallels between the challenges faced in training with the challenges faced in his/her daily life. Once that happens, the student begins a process of personal transformation leading to significant improvement in his or her lifestyle and well being.

Being a RKA Black Belt means being in an advanced stage of improving the quality of one’s life, and the lives of other’s as well, through the practice of Roufusport Kickboxing. RKA Black Belts can attest to having experienced a significant improvement in their lifestyle and well-being.

RKA Black Belts are committed to developing themselves to their fullest potential, always seeking to attain perfection of character, mind and body.

duke_presenting-belt-promotionRoufusport Kickboxing Association Instructors Certification Program

The high demand of qualified instructors has increased exponentially in recent years for the Kickboxing community.

Duke Roufus is ready to instill in your instructors the knowledge and skill necessary to enable your team to meet that demand head on.

The RKA program remains true to Master Duke Roufus’ philosophies, principles and high standards of instruction, while at the same time always focusing on improvements to enhance the instructor’s skill set.

Upon completion of this course, your instructors will be provided with a certificate recognizing their level of achievement and certification as a RKA instructor.

The RKA Instructors Certification Program is divided into five parts:

• Online Classroom Study Prior to Certification
• Practical Instruction at Roufusport
• Assist with Class Instruction at Roufusport
• Testing Activities
• Live Q&A with Master Duke Roufus

Roufusport Kickboxing Association Black Belts

RKA Black Belts represent the result of many years of training, hard work and dedication to the art of Kickboxing. They now hold the noble title of Roufusport Black Belt and continue to be an important part of the RKA family.

Most are still active, others have hung up the gloves and are instructing others in the fine art of Roufusport Kickboxing. Many continue to be students enjoying a lifestyle of good habits, commitment to personal growth and consistent training.

Roufusport Kickboxing Association awards all Roufusport Black Belts with a certificate of honor, recognizing their rank and achievements. These Roufusport instructors and students have shown the ultimate dedication and perseverance to attain the rank of Roufusport Black Belt.

Much has been sacrificed and required of each person listed to achieve this honor. Black Belts, who are certified to teach, have earned the tittle of Professor inside the Roufusport organization.


Roufusport Kickboxing Association is a high achieving community of Kickboxing instructors, students and athletes. Our organization is represented by some of the top Kickboxing academy’s in the U.S. and Canada.

Roufusport Kickboxing Association Affiliates earn the right to many benefits, which include:

  • Use of the Roufusport Kickboxing Association Brand in your school and in marketing and advertising collateral.
  • Roufusport is recognized by the Kickboxing, MMA and Martial Arts community as a whole as a powerhouse for world class fighters and instructors. Your school is encouraged to piggyback off of this success as an official Roufusport affiliate.
  • Roufusport is recognized as a well structured, professional operated, family oriented business, run by people living within the community.
  • Phone consultation, when needed, from Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe, Roufusport’s founders.
  • Special Affiliate Wholesale Pricing on branded apparel and equipment (see below).

Wholesale Discount on Products

professional kickboxing association

A profitable Pro Shop is a very important part of the operations of our Roufusport Kickboxing Association member schools. Students and their families wear Roufusport branded training and leisure apparel with pride while helping promote the Roufusport lifestyle in their communities.

Member schools have access to training and relevant information on how to operate a RKA Pro Shop and have access to all Roufusport products at wholesale prices.

In addition, RKA affiliates are able to quickly set up wholesale accounts at Combat Corner, our official equipment and gear company.

The Roufusport Kickboxing Systems

Roufusport has developed a successful business model to run Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts schools. This model is in use by Roufusport schools worldwide and has delivered growth and teaching quality that has benefited thousands of students.

RKA member schools have access to the RKA System through a comprehensive online Instructors Video Library, School Operations Manual and Instructors Handbook that covers relevant information on areas like Kickboxing classes and curriculum which are included with the standard affiliate’s program.

Training and Support from our Team

To help Affiliate schools implement the Roufusport Kickboxing Association Method and Systems, or answer any questions or concerns you may have, email support is offered 24 hours a day to all official RKA Affiliate owners. Our goal is for you to be highly successful and enjoy your business more than ever while you help more students.


Here are the most important training and support activities RKA Affiliate schools have access to:

• Instructor Certification Program

• School Support Library: A continually updated database of videos and files to help schools manage and run a successful RKA program. Here, instructors can find attendance cards, belt system information, curriculum, class structures, and much more.

• Webinars focusing on several important aspects of RKA schools operations

• On-site Training at Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee, WI

• Initial Training Program on how to properly use the online website

• Advertising Templates

• Consulting



Roufusport Certification Program

Roufusport Instructors should be certified by our association. RKA schools are expected to register its instructors in the Roufusport Instructors Certification Program so they can be updated on how to teach classes under the guidelines of RKA.

Instructors who complete the certification program receive a RKA Certificate of Completion, along with online access to the RKA Instructor’s Handbook. Roufusport also issues certificates for those individuals who achieve the rank of Black Belt under the RKA system.

Roufusport Kickboxing Association Marketing Campaigns

Every RKA Affiliate school will receive ongoing suggestive marketing campaign advertising templates and implementation support.

These campaigns aim at creating new traffic, and reward existing students for referrals and school support. The kits come with several items like banners for facebook page and website, poster and flyer .pdfs for posting and distribution at the school and more.

Become an Official Roufusport Affiliate Now

RKA 97 Display School Online Marketing Program


To help our schools promote Roufusport Kickboxing in their communities, Roufusport, along with the web marketing gurus at 97 Display, have put together a comprehensive and effective school online marketing program. The members who opt to join the program receive an impressive RKA branded website customized to your school, Search Engine Optimization Support, and much more.

Train at Roufusport Kickboxing Association Affiliate Schools

A RKA Affiliate school owner or instructor has the ability to train at any RKA affiliate school worldwide.

The most evident benefit is to be able to train with many other instructors and students when traveling to cities where an RKA affiliate is located. Your students will love the experience you’ll bring back to them after each visit to train at another RKA Affiliate school!

Many of our Affiliate school owners and instructors find it very beneficial to stay connected with other RKA school owners and instructors to exchange information, train together and build a strong base of teams and competitors for RKA hosted tournaments and events.


McBryde Mats

High Quality McBryde Customized Mats at special Roufusport Kickboxing Association affordable prices

Roufusport established a partnership with McBryde Mats, an affordable, high quality mat supplier, to provide RKA schools with the best quality training mats at the most affordable prices possible. Through the RKA-McBryde Mat Program member schools can save big on mat costs. McBryde Mat is the official mat supplier for Roufusport Kickboxing Association worldwide.

Be part of the Roufusport Kickboxing Association Family

Individuals that are currently running a Martial Arts or Kickboxing focused school, or are planing to implement a Kickboxing program at their Martial Arts school are eligible to apply to be a RKA Affiliate.

Schools and instructors that identify with the RKA Philosophy, Mindset, Core Principles and match the minimum requirements for prior Striking experience are welcome in the RKA Family.

The 1st step is to fill out the Official RKA Application below. Your application will be evaluated and the applicant will be contacted within 5 business days.

Minimum Requirements:

To become a part of the Roufusport Kickboxing Association family, one must comply with the set of rules and principles of good management and teaching practices established by RKA and it’s Agreements.

Official Affiliate Terms:

No Minimum Affiliation Term:
You may stop or put your RKA affiliate ownership on hold at any time, there is no minimum term requirement. We do ask for 10 days written notice in advance of any scheduled payment.

Monthly Fee: All Roufusport Affiliates School owners pay a Monthly Fee of $297.00 on the 15th of each month to maintain RKA membership benefits. No enrollment fee is required.

Rank: Should you opt to use the RKA Belt Rank program, your rank will be determined after your first level certification session at Roufusport in Milwaukee, WI or via video certification. As stated, you may also use the RKA curriculum in a non-rank class situation, as well.

If you choose to utilize the rank program in your school, you must be graded by Master Duke Roufus to be at least a Purple Belt to become a certified RKA Instructor who can award rank.

Roufusport Kickboxing Association Training Uniforms: No uniform is required of schools using the RKA rank system. RKA has rank certificates available for purchase for school owners who want to award rank to students. In addition, Roufusport apparel ordered through the RKA’s owner’s Pro Shop come with the option to have your school’s name and/or logo added.

Wholesale pricing is available to all RKA Affiliates on apparel and equipment for sale to students and for personal use.

Belt System: Roufusport Kickboxing Association school owners have a choice to implement and use the RKA belt system established by Master Duke Roufus.

Roufusport Kickboxing Association Affiliate Etiquette: As a RKA Affiliate school or instructor, you are also an Ambassador of RKA, be it in the academy or elsewhere.

All RKA Affiliate school owners, instructors and students must treat each other, family, friends, coworkers, fellow competitors and the general public at large, with the utmost respect and highest degree of sportsmanship and sense of fair play, at all times.

Actions that cast any RKA Affiliate school or instructor in a negative manner, while failing to uphold the highest of standards as established by RKA could result in the Affiliation being revoked.

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1. Roufusport Kickboxing is a truly exciting way to get fit

Kickboxing is often likened to a game of human chess, played at 90 miles an hour! If you don’t like to work out at a gym because you get bored, you’re not alone.

Many of our students were tired of going to the gym, and they couldn’t find new songs or audio books to entertain them on the treadmill. Then they discovered Kickboxing and found it to be the perfect workout because it requires a high level of concentration proportional to the amount of calories burned and pounds lost.

What’s more, you’ll also learn to defend yourself, relieve stress and have fun. It’s a win-win-win-win situation.

2. RKA people are committed to your progress in learning

The people behind each RKA affiliate location make our schools what they are, amazing, and soon you too will be one of us. You’ll be impressed by how committed each and every team member is to your learning. RKA instructors, staff and other students make our environment friendly, yet demanding and challenging, which stimulates all of us to achieve our best.

3. The renowned Roufusport structure makes your Martial Arts journey as an Instructor smooth and enjoyable

The level based class structure is the trademark of all Roufusport Kickboxing Association Schools. Classes start on time and adhere to a standardized curriculum and class structure.

Students know up front what is expected of them and have a clear understanding of what to expect from you, their instructors, and their training partners. The consistency of this structure combined with the creativity and innovation of our devoted instructors blend perfectly to facilitate your progress.

4. The Roufusport Kickboxing Association Community will change your life forever

When you join the Roufusport Kickboxing Association, you are not just getting classes. You become part of a community united by the ideals of the Roufusport lifestyle and commitment to excellence-The Routang Nation! Special classes and side events coupled with ordinary classes create a fun and exciting calendar of activities that you and your RKA family will love to take part in.

5. Roufusport Kickboxing Association Fighting Techniques will be useful outside the school, in real-life situations

You don’t come to class just to learn how to fight. You also work hard toward mastering the underlying principles that allow you to improve in instructing, training, sparing, and success in competition. When applied to your life outside the academy, these principles can bring more balance to your routine and help you reach your life’s true potential.

6. Affiliates can train at any other Roufusport Kickboxing Association Affiliate School

There are Roufusport Kickboxing Association schools located across the globe. When you become a RKA Affiliate school owner or instructor, you, and your students are welcome to train at any other RKA location while traveling.

7. Roufusport Kickboxing Association is a Family for the Whole Family

One of the most unique characteristics about RKA schools is our family-orientated approach. Roufusport is proud to be a powerhouse in the world of combat sports while still maintaining a training environment that is welcoming for the entire family! At Roufusport, families that kick together, stick together!

8. You will train in germ-free facilities

Cleanliness is a top priority. Our schools adhere to the strict standard of cleanliness and hygiene set by Roufusport. Our staff clean the facilities constantly with mats cleaned on a daily basis with cleaning agents that neutralize bacteria, fungus and odors without detriment to the equipment.

9. You couldn’t find a safer environment

RKA student safety is our instructors’ primary goal with training sessions supervised at all times.

10. Master Duke Roufus’ 40 plus years of experience assures you a direct link to one of Kickboxing’s legendary fighters and trainers

An RKA trained Instructor is responsible for teaching and supervising classes in their respective Affiliate school. RKA’s team of qualified instructors was trained in the teaching philosophy and methods developed and battle tested by Master Duke Roufus, the founder of Roufusport.

Master Duke Roufus’ legacy of over 40 years Martial Arts experience is now yours to exploit, utilize, take advantage of, learn from, grow and prosper, both as a Martial Artist, and as a person.

Welcome to our family!