Power. Energy. Strength. Finesse. And fun! Roufusport’s Fitness based kickboxing classes offer all of this and more – in only 60 minutes. You will challenge yourself, get stronger and leaner, develop new skills, and burn calories and fat – all while having a great time.

Why should you try a fitness kickboxing class at Roufusport in Milwaukee? The better question might be, why not? Here are just a few of the reasons that fitness kickboxing classes are more popular than ever.

  • Fitness kickboxing classes are fun, fun, fun. Think super high energy! Strong and powerful moves. Movement and motion that doesn’t stop. A great community atmosphere. The best instructors around. Kickboxing classes are so fun that you might even forget that you’re working out!

  • You will work your entire body and torch calories and fat. You can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour while kickboxing, according to My Fitness Pal. You will also torch body fat while you use your upper body, lower body and core. At the same time, you will enhance strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, while developing stronger muscles, a more efficient cardiovascular system, better posture and increased energy! Kickboxing combines cardiovascular training and resistance training all in one – it is a total body workout and it is one of the best workouts around.
  • Kickboxing classes provide the motivation you need – for working out and for life. The great, fun atmosphere, top-notch instructors and non-stop movement will keep you coming back for more. When you take a class in a group setting, you will also have others whose strength, power and dedication will give you that extra motivation you need on days when you’re tired or low on energy.
  • You will look and feel great from the inside out. Good health is visible. You can see confidence from a mile away. As you get stronger and leaner, you will feel better – more alert, more alive – and that will show in the way you move and the way you conduct yourself in the world.
  • You will develop self-defense skills that you can take out of the school. Depending on the type of classes you take, you can learn a variety of real-world skills for practical self-defense. You will learn strikes, punches and kicks in class that will translate into a better ability to defend yourself in a tough situation outside of kickboxing class.
  • Kickboxing classes can release steam. Need to reduce the stress in your life? While it’s not very smart or practical to throw punches outside of the academy, when you’re taking class, you will punch, jab, thrust and kick – talk about a great way to burn off some frustration. Roufusport’s Fitness kickboxing classes are one of the healthiest options for releasing pent-up aggression and reducing stress.
  • You can stoke your competitive fire. During the heart of our Fitness kickboxing classes, you might also find your competitive side kicking in as you work out alongside others with similar goals.
  • Fitness kickboxing classes will enhance your coordination. When you’re practicing choreographed techniques, movements and sequences, you will naturally become more coordinated and more aware of how your body moves in space. Better coordination and strength can mean fewer bad falls, better posture and the ability to walk proud and with confidence.
  • You can save time. If you’re currently trying to do strength training and cardio all-in-one workout, you know that getting in a run and weight-lifting can take a lot of time out of your day. Fortunately, you get everything at once in a Fitness kickboxing class. It is one of the most efficient workouts around.

It’s easier than ever to get started in Roufusport’s Fitness kickboxing classes. The first class is ALWAYS FREE or you can try our our 5 Class Trial Special that includes a FREE pair of Boxing gloves for only $29.99. Call (414) 453-5425 to schedule your Free class or click > > > > HERE < < < < to purchase the Trial Special.


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