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The initial response to Duke Roufus and the DRSU team’s latest online product Pad Holding Science has been tremendous, with orders coming in from martial arts school owners, instructors, coaches, students, combat sports fighters, fitness coaches and law enforcement instructors.

In addition to cities across the U.S and Canada, orders for Pad Holding Science have come from countries spanning the globe, including: Bulgaria, Mexico, Spain, France, Norway, Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brazil, Switzerland, Malaysia, Jersey (Channel Islands), Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bermuda, The Czech Republic, Japan and El Salvador.

Duke and his talented team of coaches and fighters who participated in the making of Pad Holding Science are extremely proud to help raise the skill level and ability of anyone who holds pads in 20+ countries around the world! In addition to helping the many students, fighters and members of law enforcement who will also see great benefit in the long run as their coaches and instructors degree of pad holding proficiency increases.

Duke, Roufusport’s Head Coach & Founder, pours a life’s worth of hands-on knowledge and experience into Pad Holding Science to help you become an A-Level Pad Holder!

You know pad work is one of the most important aspects of stand up training. You also know that holding pads can get very routine. If fact, you may only be using techniques from your lineage. That’s great, and you likely want to expand your skill set while improving the performance of your students and training partners.

This is why Duke developed Pad Holding Science. It’s very different than anything you’ve seen or used before. Why? Duke has one of the most diverse martial arts training backgrounds of any world-class coach. It’s this background, which earned him multiple world kickboxing titles and helped him coach multiple UFC world champions, that led to Roufusport being the #1 ranked MMA team in the world.

In Pad Holding Science Duke covers everything you need to know and more about correctly holding pads. Important topics covered include:

• Choosing The Right Pads
• Perfecting Your Pad Holder Stance
• Holding Kick Shields
• Holding Thai Pads
• Holding Punch Mitts
• Holding for Punches:
– Jab
– Hook
– Cross
– Rear Hook & Overhand
– Lead Uppercut
– Rear Uppercut
– Spinning Backfist
• Holding for Kicks:
– Low Kicks
– Middle Kicks
– High Kicks

• Holding for Knees:
– Step Knee
– Clinch Knee
– Jump Knee

• Holding for Elbows:
– Up Elbows
– Horizontal Elbows
– Tomahawk Elbows
– Flying Elbows
– Spinning Back Elbows

Yes, Duke knows his stuff.

Duke’s background is in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Western, Cuban and Russian Boxing, in addition to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Each striking system has specific techniques, which we’ve seen used in some of the most epic highlight reel knockouts and stoppages.

THE CHALLENGE: The real challenge is streamlining the pad holding techniques of these arts into a simplified and easy-to-understand method. Duke is the only coach on Earth who can do this, and he’s giving it to you right now.

Pad Holding Science is loaded with 90+ minutes of detailed instructions that will help you:

• Dramatically improve the skill level of your students

• Become a more effective coach

• Discover advanced movement patterns

• Improve the cardio and techniques of your fighters

• Seamlessly combine traditional and modern martial arts techniques

• Increase retention and revenue

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Duke Anthony pads

“Duke Roufus’ striking instruction is the best in the world. I’ve been with him for 12 plus years now and I am still learning something new everyday. He has experience in so many Martial Arts and has competed on the highest levels. Can’t thank Duke enough for his tutelage!”

– Anthony “Showtime” Pettis
Former UFC & WEC World Champion
Knockout of the Night WEC 47
Submission of the Night WEC 50
Fight of the Night WEC 53
Knockout of the Night UFC 144
Knockout of the Night UFC on Fox 6
Submission of the Night UFC 164
Performance of the Night UFC 181
UFC Submission of the Year vs Benson Henderson 2013
Cover of the Wheaties Box 2014

Comments from satisfied owners of Pad Holding Science include:

– “Love Love Love this new product. Thank you Duke and the whole Roufusport Team!”
– “Excellent!”
– “We use DRSU, and now Pad Holding Science, to train our state police officers.”
– “Really changed my approach to pad work, thanks.”

Imagine going from a B-level pad holder to an A-level pad holder. This can mean the difference between winning and losing for your fighters, and your students improving at a faster rate.

For many martial arts and fitness school owners this is the missing link that will absolutely upgrade your pad holding skill set 100%, make your training sessions safer, boost student retention, and help you become more in demand as a coach!

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“Duke Roufus has produced a ton of world class fighters like Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Tyron Woodley does his striking there, he’s the UFC Welterweight Champion. Duke Roufus runs a really high level camp and is one of the best guys in the world. Go to one of the masters. There’s a few masters of mixed martial arts in this world. There’s Duke Roufus.”

– Joe Rogan
MMA Expert Analyst, Martial Artist, Comedian, Actor