WAY BACK WEDNESDAY BONUS-UNSEEN FOOTAGE ON DRSU!- Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Duke Roufus vs. Pat Smith for the KICK World Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship, June 20, 1997, Foxwoods Casino, Ledyard, CT.


Free Technique of the Week-Episode 3: ABC-Advanced Boxing with Coach Cush:

Welcome to Episode 3 of our Advanced Boxing Strategy series with Coach Scott Cushman (Coach Cush) compliments of Roufusport MMA Academy and DRSU. In this episode Coach Cush teaches tips for the Peel Hand Technique series when your opponent has a loose guard. This is a raw look into some of the courses available in the Duke Roufus Striking University. Get enrolled today and increase your fighter IQ immediately!


A Very Special Message From Professor Duke Roufus: Roufusport Head Coach Duke Roufus is excited, and for good reason! He’s been extremely hard at work with the team in the lab creating DRSU’s next special product set for release in the following month, Pad Holding Science-The Art of Pad Holding Perfected, plus other major additions to DRSU that you’ll absolutely love!

Imagine going from a B-level pad holder to an A-level pad holder. This can mean the difference between winning and losing for your fighters, and your students improving at a faster rate.

For many martial arts and fitness school owners this is the missing link that will absolutely upgrade your pad holding skill set 100%, make your training sessions safer, boost student retention, and help you become more in demand as a coach!

Watch for more details here on Pad Holding Science coming soon.


“Duke Roufus has produced a ton of world class fighters like Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Tyron Woodley does his striking there, he’s the UFC Welterweight Champion. Duke Roufus runs a really high level camp and is one of the best guys in the world. Go to one of the masters. There’s a few masters of mixed martial arts in this world. There’s Duke Roufus.”

– Joe Rogan
MMA Expert Analyst, Martial Artist, Comedian, Actor



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